For decades Kellog’s Special K had associated itself with dieting and weight loss. Focusing on slimming, smaller jeans and other outdated views on gender and body positivity. We decided it was time for them to ditch the famous red dress, and launched a bold new campaign that focused on empowering women, by switching the focus from how little was in the cereal to how much was in it – lots of nourishing ingredients.

‘Special K shakes off stereotypes’

– Campaign

We supported the campaign with empowering OOH featuring women in a variety of everyday scenarios fuelled by the nutrition of Kellog’s Special K.  A social campaign focused on showcasing the different ingredients within each product in bold, eye catching ways. And influencer activity starring strong female role models like female powerlifter ‘MegSquats’.

We also entered the world of voice-enabled technology by launching an Alexa Skill that provides people with relevant, easy-to-digest nutrition advice, facts and myth-busters. The Special K Alexa Skill helps people to power through their day by offering prompts like how to up their intake of iron, different kinds of carbs and fats, and the best bets for B vitamins – so users can make informed food choices, everyday.

‘Special K powers up with latest campaign’

– Little Black Book

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