A social experiment that captured the world's heart.

91 million people across the world use online dating sites to find that special someone, but this billion dollar industry forgot one of the most fundamental things that bring people together — the foods we love. We worked as part of a global team that set out to see if we could connect people across the globe using only the power of flavour.



– Huffington Post

Using IBM Watson, a flavour personality test was developed that identified 12 flavour profiles. Using these profiles we matched single people from different backgrounds and invited them to come together other a meal suited to their taste preferences. The outcome of this was filmed and turned into a long form cinema and social film that won the hearts and minds of the world.

To support the film, a dedicated microsite for people to take our test for themselves and discover their own flavour profile was created. Using this, users were matched with recipe videos and meal inspiration that were individually tailored to their flavour profiles. All of this was linked directly to commerce making the whole experience, from engagement to purchase, seamless.

To build on the success of the film, additional content was released over the following months. Date diaries where participants in our experiments filmed the follow up to their dinner were a big hit. As well as a follow up documentary where we took a second look at the experience to learn the reaction of everyone involved.

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 Cannes Lions ‘Shortlist’ / 2x One Show ‘Shortlist’ / YouTube ‘2nd most watched ad 2016’ / Over 112 million worldwide views / Over 1.6 million earned impressions / UK, US, Global Effies ‘Silver’ / BIMA Awards ‘Best video’ / Webby Awards ‘YouTube ad of the year’ /  YouTube Awards ‘Video that goes straight to your heart’ / David Reviews ‘5 stars’