Spice is subjective. What might be a tickle for one person, is a full on ‘ahhhh my mouth is on fire’ meltdown for somebody else. So, to launch McDonald’s spiciest ever product, the McSpicy, we launched a social first, fully integrated campaign that let the nation cast their verdict on our new product by asking them – how spicy is it for you?

To fuel the debate and create even more awareness of the new McSpicy product, we created the hottest collab of the Summer. Teaming up with British superstar AJ Tracey, we featured the delicious McSpicy in the music video for the sizzling Summer anthem ‘Summertime Shootout’ from the album ‘Flu Game’. Taking inspiration from 1990s summer BBQ vibes, the video features AJ Tracey, T-Pain and Big Zuu, party from day until night, complete with a pool, low-riders, a McSpicy van and the burger itself.