Reindeer Ready


We turned the least popular item on the McDonald’s menu into a beloved ritual.

While the nation gets swept up in the excitement of Christmas, McDonald’s had struggled to find a role amongst the festivities. We created a campaign based on the most unlikely item of the menu, by rebranding ‘Carrot Sticks’ as ‘Reindeer Treats’ we turned a healthy snack into a Christmas ritual and helped the nation get #ReindeerReady.

Reindeer Ready Snapchat
‘Even better than John Lewis’

– The Mirror

Results to date
1x British Arrows ‘Silver’, 1x British Arrows ‘Shortlist’ / 1x Kinsale Sharks ‘Bronze’ / McDonald’s Global Awards ‘Feel Good Moment Of The Year’ / 2x VES Awards ‘Shortlist’ / Independent Newspaper ‘Most Festive Xmas Ad’ / 2 weeks on YouTube ‘Top Trending’ / Over 8 million online views / Over 17 million social engagements / Over 500,000 microsite visits / Over 50,000 ebook downloads / AdAge ‘Ad Of The Day’ / David Reviews ‘5 stars’

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